Members of Nourish International – Austin Chapter are part of a nationwide effort involving 64 campuses, supported by our parent organization Nourish International. Our model has three parts:

  1. Student Leadership Development – students gain skills in social enterprise, responsible development, and leadership to create lasting change
  2. Ventures – students run these socially responsible businesses to raise money and help support people, planet and profits
  3. Projects – students then invest the money to travel abroad and implement a sustainable project in partnership with a local organization responsible development

MN Nourish Project Interns and Organic Health Response in Kenya, Summer 2013

“Our approach is unique in that it addresses the massive needs of communities with sustainable, scalable solutions, while catalyzing tomorrow’s leaders to take action now. Nourish students partner with communities who lack the necessary funds and resources for development projects, but who have the entrepreneurial vision to eradicate poverty.”