Keep in mind that there are always opportunities for new members to obtain leadership positions! Contact us if you’re interested!




Name: Flo

Role in Nourish: Co-President

Major: Accounting & Journalism

Hobbies: concerts, reading fiction novels, and watching way too much TV

Favorite thing about Nourish: how it is so easy to establish personal connections within this small family ­čÖé


Name: Ashley

Role in Nourish: Co-President

Major: Marketing

Hobbies: Yoga, knitting

Favorite thing about Nourish: Helping the local community by make a lasting impact.

Name: Sam

Role in Nourish: Fundraising Director

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Hobbies: Coding

Favorite thing about Nourish: Almsgiving – the practice of giving food or money to poor people

Name: Fatou

Role in Nourish: Co-International Projects Director

Major: Neuroscience

Hobbies: reading, watching TV, exercising

Favorite thing about Nourish: helping people have a better quality of life

Name: Joanne

Role in Nourish: Co-International Projects Director

Major: Psychology & Sociology

Hobbies: Painting, baking, writing, eating, and watching a good film

Favorite thing about Nourish: Knowing I’m doing something to help others

Name: Mailei

Role in Nourish: Membership Officer

Major: Design

Hobbies: watching horror movies, drawing

Favorite thing about Nourish: meeting new people

Name: Wesley

Role in Nourish: Treasurer

Major: Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Hobbies: fishing, music, computer games

Favorite thing about Nourish: the opportunity to be selfless and provide the needs for others to support themselves